Should You Get a Photo Booth at Your Wedding?

A photo booth is a great addition to any event, including a wedding. Photo booth doesn’t only document the good memories of your special day, but it also keeps your guests entertained. People simply love taking their photos so a photo booth is always a welcome addition, whether there’s a celebration or the lack of it.

There are many other advantages to having a photo booth. For one, you’ll have strips of photos to look at and have fun with many days after the celebration. The question is how you should go about getting a photo booth for your wedding. Here are some tips:

1. Tell your guests about it.

It’s a good idea to tell your guests that there will be a photo booth at the even so that they’ll come early to take advantage of it. Sharing the photo booth with common friends is always a great idea. They may also want to bring their own props.

2. Book the photo booth for the entire day.

Sometimes, photo booth businesses accept bookings for a couple of hours or so. If you book them the whole day, then all of your guests will have a field day taking their photos. It’s going to be a blast for everyone.

3. Add a guest book as well.

Guest books are great to compliment to the photo booth. Ask the guest to sign the guest book, along with their photo from the booth. That will make the wedding memorabilia a whole lot better, and your guest book a lot more exciting.

When and Where to Put the Photo Booth

The best time to set-up the photo booth is during the cocktail hour, where guests are free-milling about. It’s also the time of the bridal party or the time when the groom and bride are also taking photos. Put the photo booth at an open area where a lot of people can use it.

Just make sure that the attendant in the photo booth is always ready to take care of the guests who wish to have their photos taken. Be sure to keep the photo booth running for the entire celebration for the benefit of the guests.

Get the Props Ready

There are photo booths for every occasion and it is necessary to get the right props at your event. Since this is going to be a wedding party, all the props should be related to the big event. If you want to use some of your own stuff like props, that’s can be done. Just coordinate with the photo booth attendant so you can get your stuff back later on.

The idea to ensure that you’ll have a sure-fire way of having a ball at your event is to have a professional to attend to your photo booths Arizona. That’s how you can get your guests having the time of their life during the event. You’re sure going to have a great time with your guests and your guests are going to have a great time with you.

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